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 LWML Releases New Mite Boxes

Assistance for MOST Ministries Missions Trips, Scholarships for Oklahoma District LWML Members:  If you have ever considered serving on a MOST Ministries Short Term Mission Trip, this is your opportunity!  Sharon Schmidt is overseeing the management of this $6,000 grant which will be awarded to LWML members to help off-set the cost to serve on a short-term MOST Ministries mission trip.  All LCMS women in the Oklahoma District are eligible to apply for a grant.  Scholarships (for up to $1,000 each) will be awarded on a first-come-first serve basis

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National Mission Goal Update

The 2015–2017 fiscal period is April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017
All monies received by March 31, 2017 will be applied to the 2015–2017 Mission Goal 

Amounts as of February 28, 2017

Mission Goal for 2015-2017 Biennium: $2,000,000

Amount Received: $ 1,879,103.43

Amount Needed: $ 120,896.57



To see more details on the current status of offerings received, click here. Share this printable monthly update as an encouragement in decreasing the shortfall in mite donations.

Mites and donations may be made through individual Mite Box offerings to societies, zones, districts, PayPal accounts, the LWML website’s online donation process, setting up recurring electronic donations through Joyful ResponseŽ, by calling the LWML office — 1.800.252.5965, or mailing your contribution to: LWML, 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63118.

Our mission grant recipients need your continued prayers, love, and support to meet their ministry goals. Help LWML support these grant recipients.



Your Mites Have Made an Impact

Trinity Hope-- Update from Haiti

Notes of Thanks from Concordia St. Louis

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Holy Cow Smokers Newsletter


The Gospel Outreach Committee is happy to announce our new Chairman, Mission Servants Committee: Carol Fruehling

Gospel Outreach Committee Members include Sharon Schmitdt, June Wadley, Jac-E Ersland and Lori Steele

I ask You, Lord, these mites to bless...It is not much, I must confess My box of coins all by itself that sits upon a desk or shelf.  But, joined with others they unite to help us spread Christ's holy light. So, help me, Lord, this box to fill, live our mission, and do Your will.

Download Mite Box Prayers

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2015-2017 Mission Grants


 Balance to Pay



Clean Water and Evangelism Ministry





Disaster Response Trailers





Cancer Care Packages — Phil's Friends





Renovation of JEM Seminary Buildings





Redeeming Life Maternity Home





Hope and Healing to the Navajo People





Outreach in Refugee Camps — Lebanon





Healthy Families





LCMS Global Seminary Initiative





Training Teachers and Leaders





Opportunities in Uganda





"In Their Hands and Upon Their Hearts"





"We Are God's Workmanship"





Bringing the Gospel to the Lost Sheep of Israel





Helping Hands Initiative





Deaconess Training





Lutheran Youth Corps





Providing Hope for Detroit





Rosa Young Academies (Partial)




Ideas for Upcoming Mission Trip:





Oklahoma District Mission Grants for 2016-2018


Mission Grant



1. Lutheran Braille Workers, INC., Tulsa, OK



2. Oklahoma District Ministerial Students



3. Concordia Seminary Food Bank, St. Louis, MO



4. Camp Lutherhoma Camperships, Tahlequah, OK



5. MEND Medical Clinic and Pregnancy Resource Center, Tulsa, OK



6.  Oklahoma District Professional Church Workers' Scholarships



7.  Building Repairs for Cristo Rey Lutheran Church, Oklahoma City, OK



8.  Assistance for MOST Ministries Missions Trips, Scholarships for Oklahoma District LWML Members



9.  Financial Assistance for Concordia Theological Seminary Food and Clothing Co-op, Ft.Wayne, IN



10. Summer Heights Day Camp, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Oklahoma City, OK



11.  Holy Cow Smokers Disaster Relief Ministry Support Trailer, Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Flower Mound, TX



12.  Bibles for Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, Minot, ND



13.  Veterans of the Cross, Aid for Retired Church Workers



14. Bible Storybooks for Asian Immigrant Families, Lutheran Heritage Foundation, Macomb, MI



15. Unequally Yoked: Ministry to American Christian Women Affected by Islam through Dating and Marriage, POBLO International, Clinton Township, MI



16.  Interpreters for Mission Field, MOST Ministries



17.  Oklahoma District Pastors, Vicars and Lay Ministers Wives Retreat



18.  M28 Ministries, the 2nd Mile, Lawton, OK