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Oklahoma District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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What is a YWR?

Young Women District Event

She is a young woman 18-35 years of age, a member of LCMS, and has not attended a National Convention as a YWR.

She has enthusiasm for the organization and a commitment to encourage other young women of the WLML.

She has the willingness to commit to the position for two years and is willing to travel to conventions and Board of Director meetings.

She will actively seek to be involved in all aspects of LWML, from local to district level.

All interested parties may contact the current LWRs or visit the National Young Women's Committee web page for more information.

Oklahoma District YWR Responsibilities
National YWR Responsibilites

LWML Convention in Albuquerque

2017 YWR Susan Pacey and Jennifer Karner

Susan and Jennifer at Convention 2017

“It was a blessing and truly encouraging to see my sisters choose to step out in faith to fund an extra mission grant.” Susan Pacey, YWR, Ponca City Zone

“Favorite quote: ‘Jesus loves people to death and saves them! ‘- Pastor Anderson, Rocky Mountain District President.” Jennifer Karner, YWR, Oklahoma City Zone

When's the next LWML Convention?

The 2019 38th Biennial LWML Convention will be held in Mobile, Alabama, on June 20-23. If you are interested in becoming the next OK LWML Young Women Representative at the 2019 LWML Convention, contact Shari Stepanek (405) 388-5668 nurse4256@cox.net.


Be the Hero, Be the Answer, Be the Match!

Donation of your body tissues is a great way to practice Christian stewardship and to help others in need. There is a need for bone marrow donators across the country and we can help! To help, go to bethematch.org and answer a few simple questions. You will be sent a kit to swab your cheek and return it to be analyzed. Testing is free for women 44 years of age and younger, but don't worry if you are over the age limit, you can help too!

Get your whole congregation involved by sponsoring a blood drive through the Oklahoma Blood Institute, and inform people about the program at the blood drive. You can even have laptops available to help people sign up.

Join the YWRS in this great stewardship opportunity and spread God's love to your community and the world. The likelihood of being a match is small, but it is still important to register because you never know who you could help. Two of our very own district board members have been on the registry for over 10 years and have never been contacted, but are ready to help when the time comes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tish Mindemann (oklwmlvpofsfm@gmail.com)

Cookies for Courage

We get together for fellowship AND do something worthwhile for some special community servants. Join us next November for our fouth annual Cookies for Courage. Participants are asked bring at least 1 dozen cookies to be decorated and handed out to local firefighters and policemen. Decorations are provided. We also have a Bible Study!